MARCH 8, 2012


 I’d like to show some comparisons of Phiona through the 11 years since she arrived at my door in Phoenix.


The top photo shows the grand old lady on March 21, 2001 as she arrived at my home. She was looking a tad weathered, dirty, and lacked luster. As I cleaned her up and washed off the grime she collected in her trip from Kentucky to Arizona, some of her old shine did reappear. New hubcaps, really made her look more spiffy too. Polishing, waxing and eventually some re-chroming of the bumpers and a few other of her chromed pieces further enhanced her appearance.



                Then, the addition of the bustle back trunk, provided a longer and elegant image.





My mother and dad,Verna & Wilbur Kline - April 2001


While I was content to leave her in a mostly original condition (they are only original once), that all changed on November 27, 2011 when she was so indignantly crashed after her attempted theft.

At that point, despite my sorrow at seeing her beaten-up, I also came to realize that a partial fix of only the damaged areas would leave Phiona looking partially (and extremely) new and the rest would be drab and worn looking. So, with a quick settlement from Grundy Insurance, it was logical (to me at least) to forge ahead with this restoration.

MVC-003S IMG_0256

If following my previous blog entries you have become familiar with the restoration progress, but these photos from over the years will allow you to see how she had already changed appearances.

Don & Phiona b&wOct. '11 Kline farm, soybean harvestIMG_0097

This week I removed the headliner and most of the remaining upholstery.  I took measurements for the headliner so that Le Baron Bonney Upholsterers can fabricate an exact replica that can easily be installed after it arrives here. I found that most of the wood structure behind the upholstery is in good condition, with only a portion around the back window needing replacement.

 The shop’s lease in the building down the street from me ends at the end of March. After that date, all remaining vehicles here will be transferred to their new location down Cave Creek Road, near Dunlap Ave. But the shop, here, says they plan to shoot primer on Phiona yet this week. Hopefully that means they are going to be able to have her new color combination applied before the shop closes. If it is not completed, no big deal, I’ll just have to drive down the road to keep up with her final beautification.


After the painting, I’ll then have the windows replaced and upholstery work done.

I have no definite timeline for completing that portion of the work, but still hope to have all the work done by late April.

As you can see, since almost the exact date that Phiona arrived eleven years ago, she has undergone changes.

The changes and the journey continue for both of us.

     Interior stripped of upholstery.

10/19/12 wet sanding 11/11/12 front clip with both fenders 3

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