Have a seat.

While work at the body shop seems to have come to a standstill, the upholsterer, AATCO Upholstery, has been able to get started on the Pontiac's seats. Since they are the only things available to work on until after the car is painted, they were happy to get started.

After removing the old seat coverings, it was found that the rear seat cushion needed to be rebuilt. At one time in Phiona's past when she must have sat for a couple of decades, a roof leak allowed water to penetrate the left rear corner down onto the rear seat. This then led the demise of that part of the seats, both back and bottom cushions. But the bottom cushion got rusted enough on that corner, that the springs needed to be rebuilt. Snyder's in Ohio were recommended, so Chavel, at Aatco, shipped off the old springs and in about 3 weeks, a newly rebuilt rear seat cushion was delivered back to his shop. 

Once that was in the shop, they proceeded with re-upholstering the front seat first. I have some before and after photos to show of the front seat. 

Before:                                                                                                                             After:

5:17:12 reupholstering front seat 3

And here are Chavel and Jose attaching the hardward to the back of the front seat: 

I brought the completed front seat home. 

Today I stopped by and saw that the back seat cushions were almost completed. Then I went to the body shop, with my tools and removed the dashboard. This took a considerable amount of time (more than I had hoped), but it required me to detached all the wiring from the gauges, mark them for easier reassembly, remove the gauges, speedometer, unhook the ignition/coil, the light switches and choke and throttle cables. Once all the wires were detached, removing the actual dashboard was relatively easy. The reason for removing the dash was so that I could ship it off to Undercover Upholstery and Paint, in St. Jacobs, IL where Crin Dima will re-do the woodgrain pattern on that and the window garnish pieces. After a phone call to him this afternoon, he confirmed he would only need 2 weeks to complete woodgraining on all 11 pieces. That should translate to a month being back in my hands.

But in the process of this project, I let time slip by and missed a movie date with Donovan for 1:30. He called at 1:15 to check my whereabouts - unfortunately for me I was still working on the dash removal. Darn, and I really want to see that movie,  "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"...

However, I did get the dash out, got all the window garnish pieces together and took them all to my UPS store, where I had them pack and box them. They went out in today's shipments.

I did not get a chance to ask about Phiona at the body shop, but do hope they get back on it so that it coincides with the return of the woodgrained pieces, which would allow the upholsterer to resume work and finish the interior. 

As in the past several weeks, I am just going with the flow and trust all will be done in it's own time.


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