Heating up...

After a perfect weather Memorial Day weekend here in the Arizona desert with temps in the low 80's, the temps are now rising sharply. After a 109° day Thursday, Friday, June 1, 2012  was 111°. Hardly need to say, I stayed indoors most of the day. Beginning Saturday the temperatures dropped again, down to 90° by mid week, but mostly in the low 100's. I know for some of you these temperatures are unbelievable and intolerable, but, like many things in life, one can adapt (sort of). Getting out of the direct sun is best, but covering up is a good idea if you have to be outdoors. 

 Concours Plating called Thursday to tell me a few more chromed pieces were ready to be picked up. When I got there, we reviewed the parts that I have not yet received, the two hood side vents (which were on the shelf, but not yet started), and a chrome strip/hinge, down the center of the hood, and two running board side strip pieces. They thought I had already taken the last three strip pieces, but I assured them they are still somewhere in that shop. After getting home and checking my parts, I called to verify that they still have the last three pieces. I sure do hope they search more thouroughly and locate them, otherwise, I will be a very unhappy camper.

After the chrome shop, I did stop at 1st Class Collision to check the status of work on Phiona. Steve the painter gave me a lot of information about why things have not been proceeding more quickly on Phiona. Short story is this car, despite all the work that has been put into it, has a lot of corrections that must be made to bring it up to his standards before he applies any paint. Two fellows were there to begin line blocking the uneven areas on the car, particularly the doors. This will require another week or so before Steve is satisfied that the body is smooth and ready to proceed with primer. He will not give a timeline, but says that I will now start to see more progress each week, as they correct past errors and proceed with proper preparation. I have not seen Salo at the shop for the past week or so, but found out he is temporarily laid off since their work load has dropped off.

After a call to the Soda Blaster, I went back to the body shop and retrieved the small parts that I want to get stripped of the old laquer. Smoky, owner of Wat-A-Blast, came to my place Monday morning, 6/4 and cleaned those parts at the back of the driveway. 

Two small pieces have proven to be problematic. These are the two small portal doors under the headlights behind which aiming adjustments are made. There are three horizontal chrome strips on both. Concours Plating could not chrome just those stripes, and so, chromed the whole pieces. A trip to my powder coating shop proved fruitless as they could not separate the painted part from the chrome areas in that process. But they gave me some idea of how to to this myself, by roughing up the area that is to be painted, and taping off the chromed areas. Then apply black paint, peel off the tape, and it should be like original. Good thought, but more difficult in the undertaking. I started by brushing on a tough undercoating paint, POR-15, which dries hard as nails. This effort proved to be less than spectacular, and after a couple of coats, I decided to start over. 

Using paint stripper, I removed all the POR-15 paint, did some more smoothing of the areas to be painted, cleaned it with a marine cleaning product and rinsed them in warm water.

Next, I taped off the chrome strips with some pinstripe tape. Instead of using the POR-15 on this attempt, I opted to spray paint them using a rattle can of gloss black paint. 

Both headlight adjustment doors taped and ready for black paint on remainter

The headlight adjustment portal/door, just below the headlight, with the three chrome stripes. The original chrome was very pitted.

The two adjustment access doors showing the shiny chromed strips and the remainder roughed up.

Some of the newly stripped parts, down to bare metal. 

Side note: these metal parts got VERY hot sitting in the sun for a short time after being blasted. I nearly dropped a few pieces when I picked them up to move them inside. YEOW- HOT, HOT, HOT!

Soda blasting small parts 3

The company is Wat-A-Blast Soda Blasting, Smokey Crosman, owner, came to my place and had the 22 small parts stripped within one hour.

Refilling the blaster with more baking soda. 

Thursday, May 31, the dashboard and window garnish moldings arrived at Under Cover Upholstery and Paint in St. Jacob, IL. Crin Dima the owner confirmed delivery and has started a web page on his website detailing the woodgraining process on my parts. You may check that out at this link: http://www.ucuapwoodgraining.com/1934PontiacWoodgraining.html

While you are looking at my project on Crim's website (1934 Pontiac Woodgraining), investigate the other projects and services he does, including his own '36 Packard (with 100's of photos).He will have my parts done in two weeks, then another week to ship and, I should have it all back here toward the end of June. That, I'm hoping will coincide with a closer completion of the body work and painting of Phiona.  

Before putting the dash and window garnish moldings in, however, the upholsterer will need to complete the interior installlation. Final step should then be hooking up the gauges, switches, choke, throttle, etc and other woodgrained pieces. 

Stopping by the body shop on Monday afternoon, I found that they actually were doing work on Phiona. Steve had told me last week that I could expect to see more activity on the car this week forward. I was pleased to see it was true. But there were some "issues" that have arisen as they are trying to move ahead with Phiona's restoration.

I will save those for my next story.

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