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November 23, 2012



Phiona is back home again!

I can truly say that today I was excited. Excited to FINALLY know that Phiona was coming home. 

Yesterday, Friday, I went to the shop and had help riveting welting on one running board, and then today went back early this morning to complete the other board and attach it to the car. With that, I was ready to have my car delivered back home, so Mike called a tow company for a flatbed truck to come pick her up. Once the truck and driver arrived and we rolled the car out, and then started to load the car on the truck did I start to get excited to have the old girl back in my possession. It's about 2 miles from the shop, so it was an easy jaunt up Cave Creek Road to my house. 

Mike agreed to send up 3 guys to help me reattach the front clip, and they arrived shortly after the car was unloaded in the drive. It did not take long to maneuver the front end in place, attach a few bolts to the running boards to keep the fenders up and aligned, then just two bolts under the radiator attaching the front assembly to the cross member frame, and, there it was, starting to look like a real automobile once again. I was pleasantly surprised that the front end went on so smoothly, but then again, this was the third time I've been through this procedure, so I should be getting it down to a science by now.

Two of the guys got called back to the shop while young Keith stayed behind to help me complete bolting the front fenders to the running boards, and then to reattach the right rear fender to the car. After about 4 hours of work, Phiona began looking even more complete. And I was relieved that this start of the reassembly went rather smoothly. I imagine not all of the rest of the project will always be so uneventful, but I'm now prepared to just  take my time and keep my wits about me as the car is put back together.

There are many little things that need to be done before the big picture is revealed. With some help along the way, and methodically tackling the project, I hope to keep the stress low, while aiming for Phiona's grand debut.

Photos are attached showing today's progress:


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