More GOOD News!

Late this afternoon, Mike Griesa at 1st Class Collision called to tell me Phiona is painted.


This was a real surprise, since, late last week, it looked doubtful to me that they would finish painting anytime soon. But, it has happened. Mike was so excited to tell me the news he asked that I come down to see for myself, even though it was then past 5:30 p.m. I expected they would all be heading home by then, but most were still there, just finishing up for the day.

Going directly to the back shop area, I did not see Phiona, so imagined she had to still be in the paint booth. Grabbing young Keith, he opened it up and, lo and behold, my dear old car sat there gleaming in her new cloak of blue. Seeing the transformation nearly took my breath away. Keith, too, was very happy to see the change and told me how happy he was that I was happy. We talked for some time, as he said Phiona would now be in his care as he would be doing the final, finishing work on the paint job. As we talked, I felt he was more enthused about the car and that he would devote all his efforts into producing a smooth mirror finish, even working on weekends to complete the job if needed. That was a very good thing to hear and, since our chat, I'm feeling he feels invested in producing his best work and that his attention to details will result in a stunning beauty.

Not to raise anyone else's hopes too high, particularly mine, the paint does need time to cure and dry, so I don't expect that I'll be able to start reassembling the front clip for another couple of weeks, at the earliest. 


Before leaving, I talked to Mike and he agreed to bring the front end parts up to my house so that I (and one of his men) could start putting it together. The headlights need to be reattached to the fenders, some seals riveted to the fenders, fenders attached to the radiator cowl, radiator put back into the cowl, and then, once the front end clip is assembled, it can be set back on the frame, attached, secured and then proceed with putting the hood back on, and so on. 

Of course, the interior, will still need to be completed and I'll have to figure in when I can get it to Chavel for them to complete that work.

Progress is now seeming to come more quickly, but it will still require many more weeks of work before Phiona will debut again. But, what a debut it will be! That dark blue with the black fenders, running boards, headlights and pale yellow pinstripe will make the old gal the belle of the ball.


 The headlight buckets.


Running Boards.

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