Saturday, December 12, 2013

Amazing how a simple little line can make a big impact, but that is exactly what adding a tasteful fine line pinstripe has done for Phiona.

Ron Hernandez has been pin striping for 30 years, since he was 19 years old. He has done some amazing designs in addition to the plain pin striping as he's done on Phiona. He has two customized cars himself, a '51 Merc and a '49 Cadilac. 

Yesterday, Friday, I went to the body shop to retrieve Phiona where, this week, they had done some touch up on scratches and such, then did a final polish and buff. I was stunned at the shine, as were others who had seen the car, according to Mike who did the work. Since the taillights are not functioning very well, Mike followed me home for a safer, if not legal, drive.

Ron Hernandez was suggested as a good pin striper, so I called him and he offered to come this morning to do the pin striping.

In about an hour, Ron was done with his work and Phiona, again, took on another new appearance. It was like adding eye liner or a bit of make up, just the right touch for some highlighting and a touch of flair.

Here are photos of the process this morning, before the pin stripe, taping, applying the stripe and the final product.


I've parked Phiona back in the garage and will let the paint dry thoroughly before getting back to tackling the light issues, which we think is a grounding problem. Some of this I might be able to remedy, or try to in any case, by scraping off some of the undercoating to get a more bare surface for a good ground. Steve has the knowledge and tools, however, to do a better analysis and remedy and I hope we can find time to fix the problems. The trunk will be a mostly straightforward assembly which should cause no problems and could be installed again fairly quickly.

Next week I am to report for jury duty, so that may curtail my efforts to work on the electrical issues. Jury duty also will necessitate a delay on having the upholstery installed before next weekend. But it will get done eventually, in the next couple of weeks at the most. 

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