Saturday, February 16, 2013


…so-o-o-o-o close - but not yet finished.

Last week 2/4 to 2/9/13 Phiona was at Aatco Upholstery. The short version of this part of the restoration is that the car is STILL not completed. 


Last year in February, I ordered the interior upholstery kit from LeBaron Bonney in Massachusetts. That order came in a couple of shipments starting in March. Unfortunately, not until we got into the upholstery project did we find that we are missing some parts of the assembly. The rear seat armrest panels are missing. LeBaron Bonney are looking into it, but their records indicate that the missing parts were sent.

Those who know me should know I keep things pretty well organized in my life. All the upholstery elements were stored in the same location in my garage, including the seats which were done early on after those parts were shipped to me. So to have part of the order  turn up missing is a puzzle. I'm not sure, but I think part of the order was not delivered - at least not to my house.


LeBaron Bonney are supposedly looking into this but I've not had much communication with them to see how we can get this order completed and back on track. They are concerned about getting the same mohair fabric in the same dye lot. At this point I'm not too concerned about having an exact dye lot match. Next week I plan to touch base with them again and get this settled.

Despite the setback, I was intrigued as I helped Chuy, the upholsterer, install those parts we did have for the interior. First up was the headliner, followed by some of the rear window, quarter windows, rear corners panels. It took all week to install what we did have of the upholstery, including the rear seat carpet, footrest, front seat kick panels, etc. I had intended to install the wood grained window garnish moldings myself, but the shop wanted to do that also. I'm glad they did. Most of them were difficult to re-install, due in part to the new thickness of the upholstery. Then the door handles and window cranks were also challenging, again due to the thickness of the door panels. It took some effort, but all those pieces are now done. 

Above photos show the kick panel area, before and after.

One mishap arose. When they were ready to install the seats, and I uncovered them (having been stored under cover in my garage since last summer) I found that moths had chewed holes in some of the fabric. WHAT?? I didn't  know any moths could have gotten to the seats. But they obviously did and chowed down on the mohair. There is nothing I can do about it now and am resigned to just accept that "--it happens". But once I got the car home I liberally scattered moth balls under the from seat. I hope those little buggers are now obliterated.



After the carpet and front rubber mat were installed, interior vacuumed and awaiting the front seat.


Back home in the garage. 


This shows the area with the missing panels. 

They cover the wheel well (curved area) and provide the armrests in the rear seat area.

This next week, I hope, will start to get the issues resolved and have the missing panels made and shipped to me ASAP. © Donald E. Kline 2012                                         Disqus Comments