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Guillain-barre syndrome (gbs) history of events and how we are dealing with it welcome to our blog. We are on a journey. can you buy viagra over counter australia This is an unwelcome journey. best generic viagra pharmacies We are not out of the darkness and into the light yet so we cannot see the benefits of why this all happened. We are hoping someday we will be there, some day soon. For now we just want to have a place to share our journey with others so that maybe something we learn will help them. We also want to update those that are concerned for our mother. Our mother is bonnie and she has been diagnosed with guillain-barre-syndrome (gbs). We are her daughters, terry, donna and jeanie. cheapest generic viagra online This is our journey. can you buy viagra over counter australia Thursday, may 28, 2009 memorial day "dinner at 5pm, come at 4:30 if you can," mom told me when i called her early in the day. "juma, call mom and tell her we are running late. " my request since it's now 4:45pm. "i'm not calling her, you call her", juma whined. "just call her and tell her raina was delayed coming home from bush garden with a friend, it's out of her control, i would call her but i'm driving", i love using that one, it always works. can you buy viagra over counter australia It worked. Got to moms and she was all smiles. She had the hamburgers all made up and waiting to be cooked in two skillets. The crisp, colorful condiments were fresh on the platter waiting to decorate each burger. She had also made a hugh pot of her famous beef/chicken vegetable soup. There were pineapple upside down muffins set aside for desert along with the surprise chocolate covered strawberries she brought out after dinner. All this from a woman still recovering from gbs. Amazing! Mom has reduced her neurotin to 900mg's. Her stomach pain increased so she might increase it. Her fingers and feet still tingle with pain. But she is truly getting better in little baby steps. This dinner was a big move forward. buy generic viagra I can not tell you how much laughter and smiles we shared this day. Jeanie posted by gypsychant at 11:29 am 1 comment: saturday, april 25, 2009 april 24,2009 my mom played tennis today. That was a big step forward. She called me up yesterday and said she wanted to play tennis tommorow and to sign us up for and hour at the courts. viagra no prescription I said "really, are your serious? generic viagra " she said really. So we played doubles. Her fingers hurt like normal but not too bad. viagra pills definition Her balance is still off which prevented her from running but she hit the balls fine and served fine. Not as good as she use to but the point is she did it. buy generic viagra online She actually played almost a whole set of tennis. viagra 30 mg She still does her pool walks and exercises five days a week and she thinks that is making her stronger. Posted by gypsychant at 10:26 pm 2 comments: friday, april 24, 2009 overcoming a fear this is raina's essay s.

A View Into The Grand Canyon

Life is a Highway...

and you are invited to come along and see the views I’ve seen.


Toroweap Overlook, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Come join me in my journey down the highways and byways during some of my favorite trips and through everyday activities and sights. 

About Me:

Hello and welcome to my website.

I was born and raised on a farm near Gibsonburg in Northwest Ohio. Of the 7 children in our family I was the middle child, the fourth of five boys, followed by a sister, then another brother and ending with the last sister. 

We had a whole lot of hard work (that never seemed to end) with chores, good measures of discipline, and increased responsibilities as we grew, all of which helped me develop good work ethics coupled with personal expectations of perfection in what I do, a love of nature and exploring outdoors.

Admittedly, I was more of a scholar than a farmer, and graduated in the top tier of our small graduating class from Gibsonburg High School in 1966. After graduation from Ohio University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Journalism degree, I landed in Ann Arbor, MI in the Display Advertising Department. There I rose to Major Accounts Representative and ended that career as an Advertising Manager before retiring.

With health issues, I left behind that very stressful, yet rewarding career to focus on taking care of myself. By 1997, I had decided to move to Phoenix, AZ, where I had started to spend winters after retiring. In late May, 1998, I relocated to Phoenix and have never regretted the move, the change of pace and change in weather. The sunshine, warmth and vast natural wonders of the Southwest inspire me, renew me, awe me, and beckon me to explore, discover and enjoy living.

In addition to photography, I enjoyed hiking, camping, exploring back roads, quiet times, introspection, cultural events, meeting new people, and enjoying my vintage automobile, a 1934 Pontiac. My car friends are my major social outlet, yet I also merge into other circles of friends too. Though you may read in these pages more about me and my '34 Pontiac (named Phiona), I do have multiple interests and talents, many of which are still being discovered.