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A View Into The Grand Canyon

Life is a Highway...

and you are invited to come along and see the views I’ve seen.


Toroweap Overlook, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Come join me in my journey down the highways and byways during some of my favorite trips and through everyday activities and sights. 

About Me:

Hello and welcome to my website.

I was born and raised on a farm near Gibsonburg in Northwest Ohio. Of the 7 children in our family I was the middle child, the fourth of five boys, followed by a sister, then another brother and ending with the last sister. 

We had a whole lot of hard work (that never seemed to end) with chores, good measures of discipline, and increased responsibilities as we grew, all of which helped me develop good work ethics coupled with personal expectations of perfection in what I do, a love of nature and exploring outdoors.

Admittedly, I was more of a scholar than a farmer, and graduated in the top tier of our small graduating class from Gibsonburg High School in 1966. After graduation from Ohio University in 1970 with a Bachelor of Journalism degree, I landed in Ann Arbor, MI in the Display Advertising Department. There I rose to Major Accounts Representative and ended that career as an Advertising Manager before retiring.

With health issues, I left behind that very stressful, yet rewarding career to focus on taking care of myself. By 1997, I had decided to move to Phoenix, AZ, where I had started to spend winters after retiring. In late May, 1998, I relocated to Phoenix and have never regretted the move, the change of pace and change in weather. The sunshine, warmth and vast natural wonders of the Southwest inspire me, renew me, awe me, and beckon me to explore, discover and enjoy living.

In addition to photography, I enjoyed hiking, camping, exploring back roads, quiet times, introspection, cultural events, meeting new people, and enjoying my vintage automobile, a 1934 Pontiac. My car friends are my major social outlet, yet I also merge into other circles of friends too. Though you may read in these pages more about me and my '34 Pontiac (named Phiona), I do have multiple interests and talents, many of which are still being discovered.


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