Completed: My NEW Master Bathroom

Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015

It is done.

Monday morning the glass installer added two glass panels on the shower pony walls, then cut the original 72” wide mirror down to 68” and I helped him attach it above the vanity. I’m liking that I chose to re-use the old mirror by re-sizing it to fit the space.

On Thursday afternoon Ryan and James came by to install the two water faucets on my vanity. That was the last of the installations and they work perfectly. Being a FULLY FUNCTIONAL bathroom, it makes me very happy. The shower is barrier-free and meets ADA requirements for wheelchair bound persons. Hopefully, I will not become incapiticated, but this should be a good selling point when (or if) I decide to move to a smaller abode.

The shower with the four body sprays is a nice luxury that I’m pleased to have included and to use.

IMG 0131


Is there a next project? 


Having had to use the guest bathroom for several weeks, I now want to replace that (vertically challenged) vanity. In telling my brother Tom about that plan, he asked me to wait until he and my sister-in-law Cathy arrive in December and we will tackle that as a project together. SOLD - no argument from me!

It will be a rather simple replacement with a taller (much more comfortable height) vanity cabinet with new countertop, wash basin and faucet. No change in drain plumbing or water hookups should be required.

On another note, Phiona had some paint issues that required repainting the two back doors. That simple project was covered under the warranty with the body shop that did the restoration, but it took over two months for them to complete. With the repainted doors, I needed to have the pin-striping redone. Ron Hernandez did that work originally and by happy circumstance, he was able to come yesterday, shortly after I called him and re-do the pin-stripes. He does this free-hand and color matched simply by eye. 

Another happy conclusion for me this week. © Donald E. Kline 2012                                         Disqus Comments