Phase II Remodeling Project - Master Bath

Friday, October 30, 2015


Early this summer my kitchen remodeling project was completed and, at the time, I anticipated getting started on the master bath remodel soon thereafter. But that did not happen so quickly and now I’m glad it took several months to start the 2nd phase. 

Beginning of demo

The bath remodeling started this week, just as the (hopefully) hot weather has finally ceased. The cooler temps allow for the construction crew to access through my bedroom door to the patio, keeping it open during the day as they come and go. The temperatures are comfortable now and no need to run the a/c. Nights are even better, cooling down into the 60’s, perfect for sleeping with windows open.

Last week I demo’d all that I could alone and on Saturday Steve and Mark came and we completed the rest of the tear-down. 

The huge tub, vanity, countertop, large mirror are all being donated to a shop that re-sells, repurposes used building materials. They pick up those items next Tuesday. 

Old bathroom stripped

The work crew, James and Ryan, along with the boss and project manager, arrived early Tuesday morning 10/27 and started work immediately. James and Ryan are doing nearly all the work, with an electrician having come in to do that work yesterday. That part will be completed during the next several days when the drywall is hung and fixtures are ready to be installed. 

Ryan and James have spent 2 ½ days on the plumbing as it became a bit more complicated than it appeared on paper. Today they completed the plumbing and re-installed the insulation and installed the Hardi-backer, a waterproof backing board in the wet area.

End of today, Friday, 10/29/15

When Ryan left this afternoon he told me he was coming tomorrow, Saturday with another helper. I didn’t expect them to work on a Saturday, but happy to know they are doing so. © Donald E. Kline 2012                                         Disqus Comments