A Taste of Things to Come


What a great drive up from northern Utah, through a part of Idaho and then to West Yellowstone, MT where I stopped at a car show being held in town and had lunch. 

North of West Yellowstone, I started to enter into what I pictured as some of the scenery I will be witnessing over the next several weeks. I believe this is the Gallatin Valley with the river of the same name flowing along the highway.

The guides, Chris and Nate met us at a hotel and presented their orientation for our Bechler River hike. There I met the other members of our troupe, 4 men and 3 women. One of the women is from England, and one of the men is from Rotterdam, Holland. 

While I thought I had done a pretty good job of packing ONLY what I thought I’d need, based on the pack list sent by the guide company, I learned I could still whittle down my belongings and thus make my backpack lighter still. I am using the backpack supplied by the trekking company, which is already packed with a personal size tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Everyone in the group shares carrying the cooking equipment and food, so before we start hiking we will need to pack that heavier equipment into the bottom of the pack and then fit in the other supplies and my personal stuff.

Tomorrow morning I will meet the guides at their office and park my truck at their office where they feel it is the safest to park. Luckily their office is just a mile up the same street where I am staying. I will ride with the guides to our meeting place where we pick up the others.

We leave at 7 a.m. and drive 2 ½ hours to our trailhead a little south of Old Faithful Geyser. This will be a 6 day hike, ending around lunchtime on the 6th day, August 8

We were given a course on bear awareness and how to manage any encounters with either black or grizzly bears. Chris feels, with the size of our group, that we will make enough noise that bears will be aware of us and avoid us. 

But, we will have bear spray which they will instruct us on it’s use at the trailhead. We are to carry the spray with us EVERYWHERE. 

Now that I’m here and on the eve of this part of my adventure, I’m pretty excited about getting underway.

When I return, I will resume with my experiences on the hike.

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