Horsin’ Around

After a long day on the trail, a nice roll in the dirt hits the spot.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

From West Yellowstone, Montana.

Yee, haw! What a TERRIFIC adventure.

This will be brief tonight, as I am very tired.

That photo, above is of my horse, Dakota. After our first day’s ride into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, northwest of West Yellowstone, Montana, the pack mules and he (Dakota) rolled in the dirt. The other horses did not exhibit such behavior to my knowledge, but my horse sure enjoyed his romp, rolling over, rubbing his face in the grass and dirt. It was comical to watch.

Briefly, the trip did not hit the trail on Wed., Aug 13 until nearly noon or after. It took several hours for Terry, the owner and Christine, his helper/wrangler/cook, that much time to pack the mules with our supplies and harness our horses. Horse' s having been readied first, allowed us time to mount them and ride them around the area, but mostly we just let them graze as they wished. There were 3 guests (mother and son duo, Laura and Conner and me, plus the owner and his helper, so just the 5 of us, plus 5 horses and 4 pack mules. The mules certainly carried a LOT of stuff. We reached our first camp well after 4:30 p.m.

In the next several days, I will try to write more in depth of Part 2 of my 2014 Summer Adventure.

Some photos, as a preview of what to expect...





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