Stepping back...

Before starting the horse pack trip, and as I was hiking on the Bechler River Traverse, the tune of the “Army Song” or “The Caissons Go Rolling Along”, kept floating into my mind with the words “over hill, over dale, as we hit the dusty trail…”. That got me thinking of words to fit the hike. I wrote down my version (with admitted uneven rhyme) trying to capture that experience. (Groan and smirk, if you like).

The Bechler Hikers Go Marching Along

(to the tune of “The Caissons Goes Rolling Along”, or “The Army Goes Rolling Along”)

Over hill, over dale

As we hit the muddy trail,

The Bechler Hikers trod on.

Oh, it’s hi hi ho,

Over the trails we go

As the Bechler Hikers trod on.


Down the trail,

Over the glades,

Across swollen streams,

Soaked to our inner seams,

Though a lack of sunlight beams,

The Bechler Hikers trod on.


Rain for days,

Skies of gray,

Up and down slimy trails,

Through the marshes wet with rain,

Feet and legs sore with pain,

The Bechler Hikes slogged on.


Heavy packs upon our backs,

Tarp shelter from the wet,

Spirits lifted with little fret,

Bandaged feet, blisters, sores, skeeter bites,

Persevering through the fight,

The Bechler Hikers trudged on.


Glad for warm and sunny days,

Drying clothes and our tents,

Soaks in healing thermal spas,

Waterfalls, steaming streams, fumaroles,

And all the wonders we have seen,

The Bechler Hikers marched on.


All the meals


Chris and Nate prepared nutritious fare,

Kept our souls and bodies fortified,

Through discomforts and being tired,

The Bechler Hikers hiked on.


Oh, it’s hi hi ho,

We will always know,

The Bechler Hikers kept plodding along. © Donald E. Kline 2012                                         Disqus Comments