Utah - from bottom to top


Leaving Kanab, Utah one is treated to scenes of gorgeous red rock mountains, some striated with coral, pink and white and all adorned in greenery of juniper, sage, pinion pine and scrub oaks. This really is one of my favorite spots simply for its' natural beauty, yet varied landscapes. 


Further north of Kanab, the colors change to more gray mountains, with some coloration of reds in the mix. As the day progressed the landscapes continually changed as less rock is exposed to more green covering them. 

Farms are abundant in what is called Long Valley (a very long valley indeed) first settled by the Mormons. 

Continuous pastoral scenes were stitched together throughout the length of the valley, resplendent hay fields, some freshly cut, others with bales of hay laying in the fields, interspersed with farmsteads nestled in groves of trees, shading the home and barns, herds of cattle grazing, horses nibbling the green grasses, farmers working the fields, the entire wide valley contained within a border of lush mountains on either side and the whole scenic tapestry tied together by a lazy meandering stream that twisted and turned laying its flowing, shimmering ribbon throughout the verdant fields.

As I continued my day northward, the stature of the mountains increased in height and abundant white clouds punctuated the clear blue sky casting dappled shadows down over the mountainsides and over the entire green valley. 

Near Provo, Utah, I merged onto I-15 which switched my casual, relaxed drive to one of tenseness and extra caution. Traffic on the interstate was thick but kept moving with very few slow downs. Around Salt Lake City, it seemed the urban sprawl of that city went on forever. I figure, that from the time I entered onto I-15 until south of Odgen I was in heavy traffic for over an hour. Closer to Ogden, the traffic lessened and after Ogden it was noticeably lighter. 


While I had planned to overnight near Ogden, I decided to continue closer to the Idaho state line and have ended my day in Tremonton, Utah. This is a farming town, in the midst of farms and ranches - a very picturesque locale.

Tomorrow I arrive in Bozeman, Montana, hopefully by mid afternoon.

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