Carlsbad, New Mexico

Ahhh, what a nice morning!

Having the car rest overnight was good for her and me. I replaced a blown fuse that controls the solenoid. Once we left Graham, TX and were out on this road, we were welcomed by a very pretty sunrise. This I took as a harbinger of a good day ahead. And it was.

Our destination today was Carlsbad, NM, 368 miles. Most of the drive was on TX 180 all the way into Carlsbad. We made good time running along about 60 mph most of the way. New Mexico, being on Mountain Daylight Time gave us an hour. Phiona ran beautifully. Upon arriving in Carlsbad we drove directly to the Carlsbad Caverns and took a self guided tour that covered one mile and took us over an hour. Seeing the unusual and fantastic formations in the caverns was a welcome change from the other distractions of the past several days.

Phiona started to buck and stall as I started out after taking this picture by the sign. But, I coaxed her along and slowly she recovered and regained her composure, allowing us to drive up the mountain drive to the Caverns entrance. It was already near 4 p.m. and no ranger led tours were available so we took the self guided tour, one of the last of the day. When we returned to Phiona she started right up but then stalled again. I had thought that by sitting over an hour that any vapor lock issue would be avoided. I guess I was wrong. With my starting fluid sprayed into the carb, the engine finally roar to life and stayed running. From there back to town there were no more issues. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we drive to White Sands Park by way of Alamagordo, NM, then to our scheduled stop in Deming, NM. If time permits, I may drive a bit further to shave off some time on Thursday. Thursday is when Richard flies out of Phoenix to Detroit. I think I will be able to make it to the airport in time to drop him off on my way home.



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