Corn Country

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fields after fields of corn and soybeans, flowing over the rolling landscape. This is what has been ever present wherever I drive in this part of Iowa. I crossed over the Mississippi River Tuesday afternoon from Illinois. Even there, in Illinois, the fields of corn were already filling my view from the window of my pickup. In contrast to Ohio, where the corn is still not so well developed, the corn here is in full tassel and the soybeans are full and nearly fully grown. As can be seen, there must have been sufficient rainfall as everywhere the flora is vibrant green.

Looking out over the endless fields, I see artistry in the flowing lines of crop rows, undulating over the land, contouring and hugging the rolling hills as brush strokes upon a canvas. Indeed, scenes around every bend are like works of art displayed upon the walls of a gallery. 

Obviously, when the farmers planted their crops they were not thinking they were creating works of art. But now as the plants are growing they are taking on an appearance of flowing lines that are pleasing to the eye. The symmetry of the rows, are intermixed with natural touches in the trees and farms that accentuate the entire scenes. 

Early on today it was drizzly as I drove to Bellevue, IA, on the River. I watched a barge as is entered a lock but did not see the complete operation. I drove to the Bellevue State Park where I found several look out points then continued south and went back over to Illinois where I also viewed the River from that side. Along the way I trekked a bit on a nature path partly in the woods and most in open meadows, where  the wildflowers were beautiful.

Tomorrow I will head to Dubuque, IA., pick up Route 20 and head West toward Souix City, which probably will be the day’s destination. From there I will travel through the Badlands in South Dakota and then to Mt. Rushmore. A quick up tick to Wyoming will add the Devil’s Tower to my sights to see.

u © Donald E. Kline 2012