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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kaput!, Defunct!, Inoperative!, Conked Out!, Done For!, Gone Belly Up!

That, folks, is what I discovered about my A/C upon arrival home in Phoenix last Friday morning. My air conditioning unit had given up the ghost while I was away. And what an UNPLEASANT Surprise to walk into my house to 98°. Ugghh!

I have a programmable thermostat that I had set and held the temperature at 89° while I was away. In addition I can remotely set the thermostat on my iPhone or laptop computer to release the hold temperature and resume the normal a/c or heating schedule programmed into the system. This I did (relesse the hold) several days prior to arriving home so that I would have a nice cool home awaiting as I walked over the threshold and inside the house.

What a bummer to have found the a/c had already been dead for several weeks. Some candles inside had succumb to the heat and had drooped, while several bags of chocolate chips in my pantry were now in liquid form. 

For 3 nights I spent with friends Mark and Steve at their home. The last two nights I toughed it out here. I had heard that in pre a/c days the folks would wet sheets and sleep in that manner. With ceiling fans and a pedestal fan blowing across the bed I did find it effective - up to a point. After about 2 hours I needed to rewet the sheet and try to resume sleeping. It was not the best solution but I had to try it for myself. Last night it had rained late in the afternoon and the temperature had dropped into the 80’s, but the humidity was much higher also. While not needing to use wet sheets, I managed to sleep though the night with only the fans blowing breezes over me.

Because this happened over a weekend, I was crippled in getting any relief until Monday, a serviceman was able to come Saturday morning to check out the problem which revealed that a short had toasted the a/c compressor. It could be fixed with purchase of a new compressor, but the unit is 18 years old and already well past its’ life expectancy, So I decided to forgo a fix for a replacement instead. I received several quotes and have decided on a more expensive unit, that will be the most energy efficient. I’m all for saving money, even if the initial outlay is costly.

I am waiting now for the installers to arrive and begin the work of removal and replacement of the air conditioner. Here in Arizona many if not most units are mounted on the roofs, so a crane is one part of the operation to compete the installation. 

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and now over half of Wednesday it is not at all pleasant to be subjected to this kind of discomfort. It is doggone hot. 

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