Third time a charm?


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Call me crazy - or not.

If you have followed my blog and past adventures, you then know that I “attempted” two cross country drives from Phoenix, AZ to Gibsonburg, Ohio (my hometown) in the above pictured 1934 Pontiac (Phiona). Those two drives TO Ohio failed. After rebuilding the engine twice in Ohio, Phiona returned to Phoenix without incident. 

After the return in November 2011, Phiona met with an nearly disastrous collision, that led to her restoration and re-birth as shown above. 

Gone was the original unrestored all black patina with expected wear and tear, to be replaced with her new two tone attire, rechromed parts and new interior.  

IMG 0302

As attractive as the “old” Phiona was, the “new” Phiona has turned even more heads and has since been awarded accordingly at several car shows.

After much thought and discussion with my brother Tom in Ohio, I have decided to try one more time to return to Ohio with Phiona. To help ease my understandable anxiety about this third attempt, Tom has offered to come to Phoenix with his pickup truck, rent an auto transport trailer, load up the car and trailer the car to Ohio this time. He,  daughter Jen and granddaughter Arissa and her boyfriend Zak will arrive in Phoenix by June 8. The girls and Zak will join me as we do some touring and exploring the state before heading back to Ohio. This will help eliminate most of the concerns I have about breakdowns on that 2000+ mile drive. 

However, before actually returning to Gibsonburg, we will stop in Canal Winchester, Ohio, just south of Columbus, unload Phiona and have an overdrive installed by Lloyd Young, who is an acclaimed expert in providing this transmission/drivetrain device on vintage vehicles. The overdrive will, in effect, add an additional gear that will lower the rpm’s, thus reducing the stress and strain on the engine, which should also help improve mileage and help preserve the engine as it more efficiently carries us over the roadways. Once that installation is completed, I will retrieve the car and complete the 132 mile drive up to Northwest Ohio to the family farm.

My stay in Ohio will probably last well into July before returning to Arizona. While there I look forward to helping great nephew Wes graduate from high school, visiting family and friends, taking some driving tours, maybe attend some car shows, join in the Porath Family Reunion (mother’s side of the family), and cap it off attending my 50th High School Reunion (whaaaaat - 50 YEARS?? - how did that happen?). Seriously though, I do look forward to seeing and catching up with my classmates, reliving old adventures (MIS-adventures?), remembering our ‘good ole’ days’ and enjoying hearing what we all have done over the last half century. 

Hummm...Half Century - that sounds so ancient, like we are antiques or should be read about in the history books.                        Well, after all, we ARE from a different century, and the world HAS certainly blasted us all into an age of technology that, as youth, we had not yet realized or even thought possible. 

Some of that technology is helping me with Phiona, preserving her and her place in history, writing about and sharing via my blog and me enjoying the ride.

Stay tuned for more of this summer’s adventures.

u © Donald E. Kline 2012