Part 13 - Adventuring with Don 2018

Part 13 – Slot Canyons

Another aspect of the Kanab, Utah red rock country area is the geology of the mysterious slot canyons that, over thousands of years, have been cut through the soft sandstone producing narrow contorted corridors. 

Within these fascinating and beautiful slots the lighting and shadows are ever changing as the day progresses. The force of surging waters from heavy rains may move logs or boulders inside, some of which are permanently lodged in very tight places. Walking through slot canyons is a moving, spiritual experience. Convoluted walls worn smooth by the forces of rushing water carrying sand and debris have carved through and formed these twisting and turning narrow passages. One cannot but be impressed and awed by what nature has created.

This would be my last day of adventures in the area. When I started the day, I had no plan, other than to possibly start driving back to Phoenix. But, in Kanab, I passed by an adventure company that offered off road excursions. While I knew about slot canyons near Page, AZ I did not know about the ones locally.

It was a slow day for the company and typically they require at least 3 people to go out on a trip. Luckily, my driver was not a stickler for rules and he took me out to see Peek-a-boo canyon. 

Once off the paved road we were soon 4-wheeling through deep sand en route to the canyon. This, again, would have been impossible in my vehicle. A few other people were there when we arrived with their guide and then it was just my guide and I. 

For this story, I will let the photos speak for themselves. Words are inadequate to describe the beauty in this slot canyon.

The remnants of the “Gunsmoke” movie set

After Peek-a-boo canyon, I drove out into the country to check out a few sites including what was left of the Old West movie set of the TV show “Gunsmoke”. The area is on private land but the dilapidated buildings are visible from the road.

I slowly wound down the rest of the day, staying one more night in Kanab. Next morning I was up early and gone right after breakfast, taking US 89 across to Page, AZ. crossing over the Colorado River at Lake Powell back into Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend is another interesting site south of Page, AZ that I had not visited in all the times I had traveled north. Many people from all over the globe were flocking to that place, hiking out nearly a mile to then look down at the horseshoe curve in the Colorado River far below. Most of my month long trip was spent away from crowds, on my own exploring remote locations, which suits me just fine. Here, at Horseshoe Bend, the crowd was continuous; those coming and those leaving. Even as I did enjoy chatting with some people there, the sudden immersion into the masses of humanity was a bit disquieting for me. It was time for me to more slowly acclimate myself back into the real world. 

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With the day heating up, I spent little time at Horseshoe Bend, knowing my drive back to Phoenix would take the rest of the day. With pleasant music playing on my Sirius XM radio, I pointed my car south continuing the last long drive, homeward bound. 

With another great adventure(s) under my belt I feel thankful for still being able to make some arduous treks into remote places, finding unexpected adventures and discoveries. All that I can accomplish enriches my life. I have seen a lot, done a lot, learned a lot.

Thank you for reading my stories and living vicariously through my experiences.

u © Donald E. Kline 2012