Part 2 - Adventuring with Don 2018 

Part 2

A particularly intriguing place had aroused my interest while studying my driving route and which was located north of Missoula, MT just outside Arlee, MT. This place was unusual in both its’ focus and locale. Located off the highway and out in the farm fields was the Ewan and Garden of 1000 Buddha’s. I don’t believe Buddhism is the primary spiritual or religious norm for this part of the country, which is a reason why I was drawn in to see it. In a nutshell, a renowned Buddhist priest began this garden in his attempt to focus on positivity and desire for living in peace and harmony in our troubled world. Personally, I admire his thinking and also appreciate the desire to bring people together in helping to live peacefully.

The garden is arranged in a circle with 8 spokes upon each spoke are double rows of seated Buddha’s.  Around the exterior walls are several Buddha deities, many flowers and places to sit and admire, appreciate, meditate, reflect. In the center of the circle is the Great Mother “who represents the unity of great compassion and transcendent wisdom, which is enlightenment itself”. While not a practitioner of Buddhism, I do try to embrace many of its’ principles (as I understand them): try to do no harm, endeavor for peace, understanding, acceptance and compassion in the world. 

 The garden’s intent is “to serve as an antidote to the negativities which threaten our world today”. Further up a hill behind the garden is a prayer flag mound. Strung upon the lines forming a circle, and appearing as a tent without a cover, are many prayer flags. Visitors are welcome to add their own prayer flags. 

Behind the Prayer Mound are a few more Buddha statues that sit in waiting for the beginnings of another garden on the hilltop.

Visiting this place gave me time to think and be thankful that the few obstacles that were strewn before me were, in the grand scheme of things, just minor inconveniences. Feeling less anticipation, I determined to overcome my doubts and accept all the good that the universe would provide me in the days ahead.

u © Donald E. Kline 2012