Headin’ for the hills…


Thursday, August 1, 2019

Driving at a leisurely pace (55-60 mph), it took me most of the day to reach Barstow, CA. With a lunch break at noon in Parker, AZ on the Colorado River, I was in California by 12:30 and drove through the dry, hot desert on CA. Rt 62. 

Along the way, I stopped at a funky little display along the highway, in what might have been the town of Rice at one time. This was the Rice Shoe Fence, which you can see for yourselves in the attached photos.


Thousands of shoes and various other paraphernalia are strung up on fencing out there in the middle of nowhere. Who started it or any history is a mystery to me. But it was a curiosity that attracted passersby, just as it had me.

Other than that stop I just kept heading west, then north to Barstow. Surprisingly I did not tire while driving, but by 5 p.m. when I arrived in Barstow, I was ready to stop for the night.

The weather here is nice, compared to Phoenix. It was hot when I arrived but now after dark it is breezy and more comfortable.


Those who know my past affiliation with Rt. 66 in Arizona, and having driven parts of it on my way out West, will understand why I thought this motel was a fitting choice.                               


With a variety of old cars parked on the premises and a plethora of Rt. 66 and other automotive memorabilia, throughout the property, Barstow lives up to its’ inclusion on the historic Mother Road.

Tomorrow evening will have me near Lake Tahoe, as I skirt along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

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