#1 A New Adventure On The Horizon

August 2019 - the last time I went on an exploration/adventure. That trip ended with a truly memorable adventure when the left rear tire disengaged from my 4Runner and which luckily happened on a road that, at the time, had no traffic . Even more fortuitous was the fact that it had not happened just days before while driving along the Pacific coast, through Douglas Pine forests or over the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

That near tragic end of my last vacation adventure, followed by the Covid19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 helped curtail any new travels. 

Until now, 2022.

                      My next adventure is to:

Iceland & Greenland

the entire Island of Iceland and Greenland's Southern tip  


                                  14 days exploration circles the entire island of Iceland:                                  

Iceland complete 14 day tour


                                 Followed by 8 days on the Southern tip of Greenland exploring by boat, kayak and hiking:


With my pent up desire to get out and explore, I've been considering my bucket list of places I want to visit in my lifetime. Top on that list is Iceland, a land of fire and ice. And, considering the close proximity, Greenland will be included.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool temperate maritime climate and is not entirely covered in snow and ice, as its name implies. Winters do blanket the higher elevations and the North with snow but in the southern areas snow quickly melts. However, the weather can be unpredictable and Icelanders say "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing". So, even though we will be traveling there in August, we will be adequately prepared for whatever weather happens upon us. Most likely it will be chilly - a pleasant respite from the excessive summer heat of Phoenix, Arizona. Glaciers do cover a significant area but Iceland is largely an artic desert punctuated by mountains, glaciers, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and waterfalls.

Striding tectonic plates, the Mid-Atlanic Ridge, is the reason for this island's existence. As I mentioned about geysers, hot springs and volcanoes,  etc., we will be able to see some magnificent waterfalls and hot springs that will allow us to slip into some of the hot pools for warming, soothing and revitalizing soaks. There are active volcanoes, which we may get to see also. 

Greenland seems like a logical add-on to this trip, since it is relatively close. Due to climate warming, the ice cap on Greenland is rapidly melting. I have been and continue to be concerned about our warming climate and the effects it is having our our planet. While I am able, I want to witness for myself this land and see the ice cap as it now exists. In the small part of Greenland, the largest island on the planet, that we will visit, we will travel mostly in boats, camp several nights, kayak and hike. 

Latest News From Iceland!!

A volcano has erupted August 3, 2022 on the same pennisula as the city of Reykjavic, where our trip begins and ends.

However, there is no danger to the citizens or tourists, per their news bulletins. We are excited to be able to (possibly) witness this natural phenomenon once we arrive there on Monday morning, Aug. 8. Coudn't have planned this better!

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