A New Adventure on the Horizon

Saturday, September 2, 2017

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Early morning light over my backyard

As the summer heat here in the desert Southwest has continued to broil us, I have been keeping a very low profile and have not ventured outdoors as much as I have done in past years. This summer has found me indoors more than some of the past heat seasons. 

Be that as it may, you can rest assured that I have been planning something over the past several months.

A BIG adventure!

Together with my friend Tom Spear, we have talked over several years about a bucket list trip to a place that has intriqued us all of our lives. In the planning for this destination, we found many other sites along the way that will be included in this adventure. Some of those places will require a good amount of physical effort and endurance. We both have been preparing for this and feel pretty confident that we will be “in shape” for some strenuous activities in the next month.

So, you might ask, "where will this latest adventure be taking you"?



And if you know anything about this South American country, you would rightly guess that at least one of our destinations will be to visit the ancient Inca Indians' city of Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains. However, Machu Picchu ruins will merely be a small part of all the other discoveries we will be experiencing. Starting in Lima, Peru, we will head south along the Pacific coast, where we will take a speedboat out into the ocean to visit Ballestas Islands, a mini Galapagos Islands to see some rather exotic creatures, then some sand boarding on white sand dunes as we continue down the Pan American Highway. Another really exciting part of this month long adventure will to fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines, gigantic figures etched into the earth and most clearly visible from the air. These are still an unsolved mystery that were created over 1000 years ago. 

Our transportation will mostly be in tour buses, allowing us to enjoy the passing scenes and rest along the way. 

Other points will be Colca Canyon (deeper than the Grand Canyon) where we will trek down and out over several days and where we will witness, up close,  the flights of the condors from a cliff top observation point.


Several days will be spent on and near Lake Titicaca, the largest navigable lake in the world, a region known for it colorful and finely woven fabrics. As in several other locations we will lodge with locals and gain better insights of their lives.


Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and a separate hike up Huayna Picchu, the VERY steep mountain behind Machu Picchu (narrow steps, no handrails, and precipitous drop offs from the path- vertigo anyone?). Exciting!


Manu National Preserve in the Cloud Forest will take us into a part of the Amazon with several days exploring and witnessing many exotic animals and colorful birds, including a rafting trip (I hope there are no Piranhas).

Before returning to Lima, Tom and I are very thilled to be able to experience another, more remote and little known Incan village that is still being excavated. This will be a 5 day hike in and out taking us up to at least 12,000 feet into the Andes. This ruins is Choquequirao (Cho - k- key- raw) and will be a definite highlight of the entire journey. 

A flight back to Lima will allow us a final day for the opportunity to further tour this old colonial Spanish city with cathedrals, markets, monuments, Colonial houses and palaces before heading back to Miami and then back to Phoenix.

I’m not certain about internet service, but guess that it will be spotty, so any stories I write will probably be sporadic - until I return home. Our month long exploration in Peru will extend through all of October.

Accomplishment of this expedition will complete a lifelong desire to see, first hand, many of the places I have just written about, and most likely the grandest adventure, yet, of my life.

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