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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It has been a busy week for me here in Gibsonburg, Ohio, helping around the farm, getting ready for the family reunion this Saturday and today going out on an outing with some of my family. 

We built sideboards for my brother Tom’s truck, fitted a seat on the truck bed for the July 4th parade, helped retrieve our dad’s old two bottom plow from the man who bought it several years ago at our farm auction, climbed a flagpole to retrieve one end of the flag’s hook, and lots more.

They have had a whole lot of rain up this way. I think I might bring back a bottle of that rainwater and do a rain dance for us in Arizona and California. Even a fraction of an inch of the totals they have received would help with our drought. 

On Tuesday, my sister Janice and I visited the Toledo Museum of Art, which was very enjoyable. We tried to narrow our viewing to just a few areas as they have a large collection (over 30,000 pieces)  of paintings and art from the masters. A large part of the art collection and other pieces in this museum have been procured by the Libby family, known for glass making. FYI, Toledo, Ohio is known as the Glass Capital of the World or simply “Glass City".

Across from the Museum is the post modern Glass Museum, housing a tremendous collection of art glass. We arrived just in time for a glass blowing demonstration, which was fascinating and educational. After the presentation and after having created an amber platter, I bought that piece of art, which I will go back and get so that I can have it shipped back to Phoenix. 

Here are photos from this visit to my hometown.

Brother Tom’s 1931 Model AA Ford Truck, bought in Phoenix in 2014 very near my home.

2015 July 4th Parade in Fremont, Ohio with my brother Tom

Oldest brother Bob and youngest sister Nancy in July 4th Parade in Fremont, Ohio

Flagpole climbing

Retrieving the broken end of rope on the flagpole.

Toledo (Ohio) Museum of Art, where my sister Janice and I visited on a rainy day.

These “golden girls” were waiting to board the ferry over to Put In Bay island. I told them the Pontiac was a man magnet.

Approaching Put In Bay. The Perry Monument is the tall obelisk to the right on the island.

Oliver Hazard Perry led the fleet in a naval battle Sept. 10, 1813 against the British fleet during the War of 1812, just off the coast of the island in Lake Erie. Upon winning this decisive battle, Perry communicated with his commanders, “we have met the enemy and they are ours”. This monument was erected on the island in 1912-1915 to commemorate that battle and the friendship between Canada and the United States.

At the Heinemann Winery on Put In Bay, wine (and juice) tasting, and Remington tasting his binky

This is what a restored 1931 Model AA Ford Truck would looks like. At a small antique auto display on Put In Bay.

Brothers, Landon and Cameron Deiter, two of my great nephews.

The Perry Monument 

A view from atop Perry’s Monument. Barely visible on the horizon is Pelee Island, which is in Canada. The border is between the visible islands and that island.

Group shot atop Perry’s Monument, me, Landon, Janice, Cameron, Steph, Remington, Jason

Another view from the top of Perry’s Monument

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