Naked Kitchen

Long but productive day today.

Having risen before 6 a.m., I completed emptying all the cabinets and drawers, then awaited Mark and Steve’s arrival to begin removing all the old cabinets. They arrived around 9 and we directly set about the dismantling. 

Only one mishap, early on, as I had removed all the wall screws from a cabinet, not considering it might not just stay put. Once Mark and Steve began work on the adjoining cabinet, the first came crashing down.

OPPS… My fault. 

One door got busted, but can be re-glued and put to use another day. Also, it added some scratches on one wall, an easy fix with a coat of paint. But otherwise, no harm done.

And the work continued until nearly 2, when we stopped to go out for a leisurely lunch followed by a stop at Home Depot to inspect some lighting options. The conclusion after Home Depot was that I need to visit a “real” lighting store and get some advice and see what options they can offer.

Those holes in the wall were there before we removed the cabinets. Looks like the original cabinet installers were hunting for a stud on which to mount the microwave electric outlet.

The kitchen sink unit counter was the most difficult to remove, as I suspected, but Steve got under there and disconnected all the lines, water filtration system, dishwasher etc. Once that was done we found we had to disassemble that corner cabinet for it would not fit through the door to the garage where all the old cabinets are now stored. 


Our final project was to re-route and conceal the coaxial cable to the TV. (Seen exposed along the wall on the left). Luckily, an explosed groove on the bottom of the drywall, behind the cabinets offered the ideal area to hide that cable. A little chisling into the drywall in other places then put the cable out of the way and will be totally hidden after the new cabinets are installed. 

Then it was time to cut in an outlet box behind the tv and run the cable up through the opening, connect it to the cable outlet and then to the tv. It’s all good and still receiving a fine picture on my tv screen. 

The exposed tv cable is hidden in the groove where drywall and floor DO NOT meet. We started by fishing the cable up behind the wall, connecting it to the outlet receptacle and then went backwards, tucking the cable in the groove. 

Some patching was needed, which Mark accomplished in most places before they departed after 5 p.m. I completed the remaining patching, and clean up. 

Almost done. 

Cable TV wire in hidden from view.

Here is my naked kitchen-all cabinets and countertops removed. I am donating all of the removed items to a salvage company that re-sells the used items at several locations around the valley. It’s a win - win situation. They are to pick up the used goods this coming Thursday.

Tomorrow I will sand down any remaining rough areas and then repaint the repairs, even extending the paint into the exposed areas where the old cabinets had hung.

Monday and Tuesday is installation day, after which I’ll share more photos.

I couldn’t have done this alone and REALLY appreciate Mark and Steve coming over the help. Thank you guys! © Donald E. Kline 2012                                         Disqus Comments