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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last week Thursday, right on time, the countertop installers arrived and got right to work. They completed installation in a little over 2 hours. The head installer told me he likes my house and that did I know the colors I have are the same as the Mexican flag? Yep, I did know that, which confirms my use of  a “Southwestern” color scheme.

But without a water faucet, it was still tiresome to have to wash dishes in the bathroom. I bought a Moen MotionSense faucet and a filtered water faucet which I started to install as soon as they arrived. But first I hooked up the drain pipes, having to redo one side as it leaked on the first try. 

That “little” project took me all day. It is not fun working under a kitchen sink in such a small, cramped space, upside down, sideways and in any contortion that I could manage to access and finish the job. (Good thing I’m still very flexible for my advanced years!)

The water faucet has motion sensors that will turn on and off with the wave of a hand over a sensor, one on top and one on the stem down closer to sink basins. After MANY hours in and out from under the sink, in and out to read the next steps in the instructions (which were really very well written and pictured) I had it all connected and readied for the grand test to witness this new fangled gadgetry in operation. 

It didn’t.

So, many more attempts to see if I could fix it, all to no avail. 

From there I connected to the company website and wrote them about my problem.

Today they emailed and wrote me with steps to reset the control box. I was prepared to spend the rest of my afternoon squirming and squeezing (and probably with a little cursing thrown in) to get that fantastic electronic faucet to function. Lucky me - following the spoken and written instruction to a “T”, I found I had not completely inserted the data control cable into its plug. Once I did that, the faucet immediately awoke from its slumber and water flowed. 

Even as I hurriedly tried to escape the confines of the cell below the sink, the water had stopped it’s flow - just as it was designed to do. Standing up in front of the faucet, I waved my hand over the magic eye and, lo and behold, the water really did turn on all by itself. And I did not even have to move the lever! Then I tried the lower sensor’s magic eye and as soon as my hand came into its range, it turned on and then off as I pulled my hand away. Amazing! 

Of course I just HAD to keep trying this for several more tries. WOW! Was I ever intrigued. 

That lower sensor operation is especially useful if you just want to wash your hands, or maybe clean a vegetable or apple. It only stays on for as long as you have your hands near the sensor. The top sensor is for turning on the water for a longer period of time, like filling a pan with water. As soon as one waves a hand back over the sensor it will turn itself off.

To say I am happy would be correct. 

The filtered water system under the sink, however is still not reconnected as there are a multitude of tubes and hoses that are confusing to understand, so I’m waiting until I return from my trip to Ohio over the next few weeks to have Steve come and help me decipher and reconnect that part of my water supply. But, now I can completely cook and wash dishes in my new kitchen. Woo-hoo! 

On my return I have an electrician coming in to install new lighting, ceiling fan, switches, some new outlets for above the cabinets, dimmer switches and pendant lights for over the breakfast bar.

Once that is done, I’ll have the GRAND unveiling.

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