Progress Report

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Here is the latest update on my kitchen makeover. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Monday, June 8 - 6:45 A.M. the cabinets are delivered.

Below, work progress on first day, 6/8.

(End of 1st day)

Below: Second day, Tues., 6/9, completing install of cabinets.

IMG 9974

IMG 9975

Late morning, the granite company came and measured for the countertops. 

In the afternoon, I went to the granite factory in South Phoenix to choose the granite slab lot from which my countertops will be manufactured. That is a fascinating place, a large factory with tons (literally) of stone being cut and shaped into countertops for a multitude of customers. It will be another 8 - 10 days before my countertops will be completed and installed. I hope that will be by the end of next week…

Dave, the installer, made me a template to attached the door pulls, which I did while he finished up with the detail work on the cabinets. I still need to install the drawer pulls, which I will try today. 

Putting things back into the cabinets began last night, but I was too tired to finish that. With different size cabinets and now more drawers, I’ll need to somewhat reconfigure my storage system. © Donald E. Kline 2012                                         Disqus Comments